Organisational Awards & Certification

The Deming Prize (1975)

Named for Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of total quality management, the Deming Prize is given to recognise Japanese and non-Japanese companies for demonstrating outstanding commitment to quality control, and whose products or inventions make exceptional advances in the pursuit of quality. Since the inception of Deming Prize in 1951 until 2009, 216 selected companies from all over the world have won the Deming Medal.

Ricoh was the first office equipment manufacturer to win the Deming Medal.

The Japan Quality Award (1999)

Japan Quality Award is presented to Japanese companies and other corporate entities for displaying excellent overall management qualities. Since the inception of the award in 1996 until 2008, 162 corporate entities have applied over a period of thirteen years, and 24 companies have received the award.

Ricoh was also the first office equipment manufacturer to win the Japan Quality Award.

World Environmental Center (WEC)

World Environmental Center (WEC) awarded the Ricoh Group the Gold Medal for its International Achievement in Sustainable Development. An independent jury of distinguished international environmentalists awards the prestigious WEC Gold Medal annually to a corporation that demonstrates preeminent leadership and contributes to worldwide environmental quality. (May 2003)

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Office Equipment Partner of the Year 2001, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996
Copier of the Future Award, 2000
Excellence in Consumer Education, Year 2000
Labelling Partner of the Year 2000

The Office Equipment Partner of the Year award is EPA's highest industry award. Ricoh has also been recognised as an industry leader for its role in the manufacture and promotion of ENERGY STAR copiers, facsimiles and printers.

Green Office Certification

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd becomes the first company to be awarded the Green Office Label on 11th November 2004. The Green Office Label is a certification that is based on the Eco-Office Rating System and attaining this Green Office Label demonstrates Ricoh's commitment towards environmental protection, as it demands that an office achieves relatively specific environmental criteria.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Certification

The Environmental Management System (EMS) provides Ricoh with a framework to manage environmental programs in a systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organisational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining policy for environmental protection.

Click here to view Ricoh Asia Pacific’s Environmental Policy.

Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001) Certification

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides Ricoh with a systematic approach for managing risks to its information assets through risk assessment and implementation of appropriate security controls.

Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA) 2013

Eco Action Day, a nationwide campaign in Singapore, spearheaded by Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and supported by various government agencies including National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) under the Prime Minister Office, National Environment Agency (NEA) and Singapore Environment Council (SEC), received its first environmental award.

Ricoh Asia Pacific, Singapore's sole representative, is one of the 20 companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand to receive the prestigious Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 Southeast Asia for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative under the Green Leadership category.

Singapore Sustainability Award 2014 

Ricoh Asia Pacific won the Singapore Sustainability Awards in Green Technology for two years in a row, presented by the Singapore Business Federation. The award recognized Ricoh for its strong and compelling green technology, particularly for its new visual communication systems – Ultra Short Throw/ Short Throw projectors used to create digital signage, Unified Communication System (UCS) for TV conferencing and Interactive Whiteboard utilized at meetings. The seamless collaboration of this new visual communication system is capable of facilitating a multi-location conference, which significantly reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint. This award also recognized Ricoh for its high level of commitment and performance in areas of corporate environment responsibility and innovation.


Bronze Sustainability Award 2014

In September 2013, Ricoh becomes a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for socially responsible investment.
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Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2014 

Ricoh Asia Pacific receives one of the most prestigious awards in Singapore led by the Singapore Environment Council. Kimberly-Clark Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services) recognized Ricoh for incorporating sustainable services as components of strategies into its business operations. This includes reducing the negative environmental impact while providing improved social and environmental benefits to customers and raising the environmental awareness among its customers through advocacy campaign, Eco Action Day, as part of Ricoh’s sustainable environmental management.

The Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) is a premier award launched in 1997, that addresses overall environmental initiatives and awareness within an organisation.

Global CSR Awards 2014 (Product Excellence)

Ricoh Asia Pacific is one of the award winners for the Product Excellence Category during the 6th Annual Global CSR Awards 2014, Asia’s most prestigious event and awards on Corporate Society Responsibility.

Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw Projector, PJ WX4141 Series, was recognized for its product green features which contribute positive environmental impact for the customers. The judging panel also valued Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw in the area of innovation. Different from the conventional projector, the highlights of PJ WX4141 Series is its ability to clearly project images to display panels from a very short distance. This is an economical alternative to traditional roadshows which usually involve printed panel displays.


Sustainable Business Awards Singapore 2014

Ricoh Asia Pacific receives the Sustainable Business Awards Singapore 2014. This award recognized Ricoh for its waste management and material productivity over the entire product lifecycle, including associated upstream and downstream processes, which reduce the environmental impact of its products and operations, maximize the values of resources across the lifecycle of our products and substantially limit the consumption of new resources.

This award also assesses Ricoh in the areas of its Strategy & Vision, Workforce, CSR in the Community, Energy Management, Water Management, Climate Change, Supply Chain Management, Landuse, Biodiversity and the Environment and Business Responsibility & Ethics.
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International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) Award 2015

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has been recognized for its innovative products and solutions and sustainability efforts towards the environment during the IAIR Awards 2015. Ricoh is among the 50 over companies to walk away with the Best Company prestigious titles. Having been the Best Company for Sustainability, Office Solutions, in Asia Pacific, for the second time, Ricoh demonstrated constant commitment to put into practice its Corporate Shared Value based on the principles: good for Environment, Economy and People. It is also the first time Ricoh receives the Global title in the Best Company for Innovation & Leadership, Office Solutions. Quoted in the official motivation from the IAIR Awards 2015 Committee, Ricoh is recognized for its undisputed ability in creating brand new office products, making work easier, safer and more efficient.

International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) AWARDS® is one of the world's leading ranking and prize for excellences in global economy and sustainability. It is made up of the scientific committee of IAIR® and along with a team of dedicated legal, economic and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide.


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