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Kofax® PaperPort Professional

Simplify document management across your organisation

Fast, easy access to important documents is important in keeping your organisation running smoothly. Instead of wasting time searching through folders for the files you need, what if you could scan, convert, organise, assemble, and share documents and photos on your PC or, better yet, on the go?

Kofax® PaperPort Professional enables you to take control of document management beyond the desktop. With Kofax® PaperPort Professional, office workers or individual professionals can save time and money with instant access to all documents—anytime, anywhere.

Instant access to all documents

Take control of your documents and have instant access to them all. From scanning and converting, to editing and sharing files. Simplify document management and improve your efficiency and productivity.


  1. Easy document assembly
    Build documents your way by reordering pages, merging multiple files into a new document, and more
  2. PDF create
    Easily turn any application file into 100% industry-standard PDF files, or merge formats into a single PDF file
  3. Simple paper to text
    Convert paper documents to editable electronic text files in one easy step
  4. Easy MFP integration
    Use your Ricoh MFP to seamlessly scan and route documents
  5. Safe and secure
    Advanced security features let you control who can access or change specific documents