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Environment - Asia Pacific


Earthkeepers™ - Ricoh Australia is involved in various environmental education programs, supporting primary schools and high schools. 
2012 marks Ricoh Australia's 10th year in this earth education program that helps students understand ecological concepts, develop environmental perceptions and take action to lessen their impact on and increase their contact with the natural world. Since 2003, Ricoh has assisted local schools and worked closely with community groups to expand Earthkeepers™ in Australia.
Ricoh’s sponsorship has enabled over 400 students to undertake the program. Our involvement is not merely a financial one, Ricoh staff are actively involved in the running of the program enabling them to see the results first hand, providing them with a sense of purpose and also reconnecting them with the environment.

Hong Kong

Environmental Technical Centre Visitation - Ever seen for yourself what happens to the machines and toner cartridges when they have lived their lifespan?
Ricoh Hong Kong holds regular visit trips for their customers and even students to the Environmental Technical  Center. Participants get to see and experience first-hand the toner refilling process, the reconditioning of the machines and the handling of old hard disks. In one of the trips this year, the participants also got to engage in an interactive discussion with the RHK Managing Director on the green business of Ricoh!


Collaboration with NGO - Ricoh India’s first venture into green activities went much more beyond just planting trees. The 3 day event made up of 270 volunteers across 3 cities saw RID staff distributing food and clothes, taking part in a blood donation camp, singing and playing games with the many orphans and elderly at the Helpage shelters.
Helpage is an international NGO primarily helping old people, though they do run several orphanages as well.
In Mumbai, they planted saplings of fruit bearing trees such as papaya, banana and coconut. The orphans helped by carrying big carts of fruits to lead RID staff to the proper planting spots. New Delhi volunteers were waist deep in mud, digging and mixing manure before finally laying in the saplings and watering them.


Mangrove Forest Recovery Project - This collaboration with the local NGO, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) marks the 12th Ricoh's Ecosystem Conservation Project.
"Much about Mangrove", the joint venture at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP), is a 2-year mangrove rehabilitation programme that is part of Ricoh Malaysia's initiative to educate the general public the importance of sustaining the mangrove forest and its impact on our environment in the long run.
Designated by BirdLife International and MNS as an important Bird area with sightings of over 150 species of birds in its brackish water lake system, the KSNP project aims at building a framework for continuous forest conservation. Let us not forget about the abundance of small-animals, fish, amphibians and reptile such as the silver leaf monkeys,the long-tailed macaques, otters, mudskippers and fiddler crabs that can be found around the nature park.
For more information, go to:

New Zealand

Big Green Day Out - Since 2004, this is the 9th year Ricoh New Zealand organised this tree-planting event! (excluding a canceled one last year)
More than 17,000 trees have been planted since the first Big Green Day Out at the Motuihe Island. Nicknamed the "Ricoh Valley" by the in-charge of this reforestation project, the Motuihe Trust, Ricoh has been the only volunteers to plant there since 2006.
The first trees planted in 2004 have grown well over head height, providing shelter and food for the endangered species such as kiwi and tuatara reptile that have been released on this now pest-free island.
A video production team has also filmed the process this year.


Scholastic and Recognition Awards 2012 - Environmental consciousness starts at a young age.
Ricoh Philippines organises this annual event to recognize children with outstanding scholastic performances. This year, through simple games such as waste segregation which engages children to identify and separate waste according to "biodegradable" or "non-biodegradable", the children's environmental knowledge was reinforced.


Eco Action Day 2015 - Featuring the slogan "Green the Red Dot, Join the Movement", the initiative aims to mobilize and inspire individuals and organizations in Singapore, widely known as the "little red dot".


Held in conjunction with the World Environment Day on 5th June, Ricoh Asia Pacific & Ricoh Singapore championed this annual energy-savings campaign to encourage individuals and organizations to take part as a collective effort to save energy on this day. An intention for offices to extend this effort from one day to a daily affair, Ricoh has gathered over 183 organisations to participate in this campaign since 2007 with a total of about 125,000kWh of energy saved! That is almost 3 million balloons of CO2! Join us when the campaign kick-starts in 2016!

To visit, go to:


Mountain cleanup project - How nice will it be to walk on clean ground while treading to the mountain top. 
In line with the Ricoh's way of three loves, Ricoh Taiwan themed this year's Eco Action Day "Loving Our Earth". Heading up to Junjianyan, Beitou, the Ricoh team aims to clean up the mountain, restoring it to its beautiful landscape. This activity not only cleans up the environment, but the meaningfulness refreshes the participants even as they exercise their way up.


Dusit-Ricoh Charity Run - Partnering with Dusit Princess Srinakarin, Ricoh Thailand organizes the charity event for “Ricoh Eco School” and “Operation Smile”. Ricoh Eco School is a programme that educates students about the environment at a young age, teaching them to use responsibly via creative means and programme. Operation smile, on the other hand, is a project to give cleft lip and cleft palate children a chance to undergo the operation in a bid to give the “Dusit Smile”.