AI Solution for Spatial Data Creation and Utilisation

Map out your building spaces virtually into 3D spatial data.

Easily identify equipment and assets and share the information quickly.

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What is spatial data utilisation?

For existing structures lacking BIM or blueprint updates, we can recreate or restore pre- and post-renovation interiors, assets, and hidden infrastructure like ceiling pipes into 3D virtual environments for analysis.

Access the virtual spatial data remotely via your PC or tablet, eliminating the need for on-site visits. This feature offers distance measurements, interactive annotations, integration with existing ledger systems, and enhanced automation and support via diverse AI tools.

*AI functions will be added progressively. 

Key benefits

Improving building management quality

Improved building management

The number of visits to the site and the number of people required can be kept to a minimum, and spatial data can be used to quickly confirm information at any time, contributing to improved management quality.

Smooth recognition matching

Smooth image recognition and matching

Spatial data simplifies visual searches with a recognisable layout, enables linking to and verification from current ledgers, and facilitates precise information matching among individuals in various roles.

Efficient planning and implementation

Efficient planning and implementation

With quick access to comprehensive equipment data and historical records, alongside the ability to preview simulations, you can create and implement precise construction plans in less time.

Example usage scenarios

Office building

Office building

Hospital /School/ Research facility

Hospital/School/Research facility

Hotels/Commercial facility

Hotel/Commercial facility

Factory /Plant




Assets/Equipment/Energy/Space utilisation/Cleaning/Security/Disaster mitigation


Daily inspection/Regular inspection/Maintenance/Repair/Renovation


No app installation required, Available in web browser

No app installation required, direct access via web browser

Under development - Automatic classification / Model / Ledger creation

Automatic classification/Model/Ledger creation

*Under development

Record measurements and notes at relevant locations in spatial data

Record measurements and notes at relevant locations in spatial data

Under development - Automatic measurement

Automatic measurement

*Under development

Mutual utilization of linked spatial data and ledgers with the various ledgers you are currently using

Enhanced integration with your existing spatial data and ledger systems

Under development - Delivery routes simulation

Delivery route simulation

*Under development

Service flow


Apply for a trial

Apply for trial



Choose a service

Please select your desired service. All spatial data creation work is carried out by Ricoh.


Spatial Data Creation Service


Data capture

*You can also use your existing spatial data.

Data processing

Data processing

Linking ledgers etc.

Linking ledgers and related information

Data Utilisation Service

Creating BIM (ifc)

BIM creation (IFC format)

Various AI processing

Various AI processing


Start using spatial data

View data using a web browser.

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A: The basic fee comprises the data capture fee and monthly subscription. Please contact us for more details.
A: The service can be used on any general PC with an Internet connection.
A: The error range depends on the equipment that acquired the measurement data.
A: Yes. You can align and redisplay to view the spatial data capture before and after the update.
A: We will suggest a suitable method according to the status of your existing ledger. Please contact us for details.
A: Yes, it is possible. Please contact us.
A: Yes, it is possible. Please contact us.
A: Outdoor data can be displayed if it can be acquired.
A: We are considering future collaboration with other companies.

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