The MP CW2201SP is a wide format, fully integrated multifunction printer featuring Ricoh’s innovative GELJET ink system.

With an A1 copy speed of 3.8 cpm for black and white, and 2.1 cpm for colour, it provides print, copy, and scan functionality as standard.

It offers outstanding productivity and excellent image quality, and is substantially more energy efficient than comparable laser printing devices. Powered by the Ricoh GWNX controller, the MP CW2201SP offers users enhanced functionality, and a range of options for customisation according to individual workflow requirements.

The 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel offers full touchscreen capability and a common Ricoh interface across the wide format and office device ranges. Designed for the wide format market, the target segment is mainly small businesses in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

Roll Feeder Unit RU6550

Increases the roll capacity from standard 1 roll to 2 rolls total.

Number of paper rolls: 1 roll
Paper roll size: maximum 914 x 15,000 mm; minimum 210 x 279.4 mm
Paper roll width: 297–914 mm
Paper roll length: 150,000 mm
Paper roll diameter: 176 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 1,108 x 398 x 432 mm
Weight: 14.5 kg

Roll Feeder Unit RU6550
Roll Holder Type M23

Attached to both ends of a paper roll to provide additional flange inserts that grip the paper roll and mount it in the paper roll tray.  

Dimensions (W x H x D): 1,049 x 160 x 160 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg or less

File Format Converter Type M23
Allows users to save copy and print jobs stored on the document server to a computer.
OCR Unit Type M13
Scans and creates editable text files from hardcopy originals via Optical Character Recognition. Enables the creation of searchable PDF documents at the MFP.
NFC Card Reader Type M23
Ricoh card reader that supports authentication via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It can be used with Ricoh devices that are equipped with the 10.1" Smart Operation Panel that have standard authentication embedded. 
DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type M19
Erases the temporary data on the hard disk drive. For customers who require ISO 15408 certification prior to the printer or MFP system being IEEE 2600.1 certified.
IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M19
Enables WiFi connectivity and wireless printing.

Standard inclusions

  • 10.1" Smart Operation Panel
  • 1-roll feeder + Bypass tray
  • 320 GB HDD
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Integrated colour Print, Copy and Scan
  • USB 2.0/USB Host/SD slot

Current configuration

1384 mm x675 mm x1220 mm (W x D x H)
120 kg
Selected Options:
    MP CW2201SP

    {"configuratorid":"2f3d954c-4a9b-424b-b6cf-816d79162bfc","productid":"ca74af7b-b671-4ba0-81a8-cb6e6d3ab0c2","edpcode":"404831","productdisplayname":"MP CW2201SP","width":1384.0,"height":1220.0,"depth":675.0,"weight":120.0,"mainframe_imageurl":"-/media/all-regional/images/product-images/commercial-and-industrial-printing-solutions/cad-wide-format/404831/configurator/mainframe-mp-cw2201sp-resized.jpg?dmc=0&hash=22437876BE177E343C1B6887E311105D","configurator_hash":"6550efc9-9335-44ee-85de-2186729e0941","options":{"404833":{"edpcode":"404833","displayname":"Roll Feeder Unit RU6550","extras":[],"width":1108.0,"height":432.0,"depth":398.0,"weight":14.5,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"404834":{"edpcode":"404834","displayname":"Roll Holder Type M23","extras":[],"width":1049.0,"height":160.0,"depth":160.0,"weight":1.5,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"404835":{"edpcode":"404835","displayname":"File Format Converter Type M23","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417430":{"edpcode":"417430","displayname":"OCR Unit Type M13","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"404858":{"edpcode":"404858","displayname":"NFC Card Reader Type M23","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417499":{"edpcode":"417499","displayname":"DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"417493":{"edpcode":"417493","displayname":"IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false}},"rules":[],"affect_group":[["404833"],["404834"],["404835"],["417430"],["404858"],["417499"],["417493"]],"preselect_configs":{},"min_config":{"must_select_at_least_one_option":false,"requires":[],"requireones":[]}}