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RICOH Streamline NX


RICOH Streamline NX is an integrated "all-in-one" solution designed to improve the experience for users while lowering the burden on IT. Users see one unified interface at the multi-function device (MFD) to scan documents and use secure printing. Administrators can configure RICOH Streamline NX, manage users, devices and access reports all within a single application.

  • All-in-One integrated application to improve document processes
  • Solution Includes:
    • Document Scanning & Routing with OCR
    • Fax Integration
    • Secure Printing
    • Card Authentication
    • Device Management
    • Accounting & Charge-back
    • Administration
    • Reporting

Features & Benefits

  • Better efficiency of business operations through the use of electronic documents
  • Software operation – single user interface and single admin application
  • Integrated solution reduces training and application testing by IT departments
  • Ability to protect sensitive information in line with company security policies
  • Print Release Station extends RICOH Streamline NX to devices that do not support the embedded software of RICOH Streamline NX, via a web-enabled tablet running the software

Major Applications

  • Paper to electronic document conversion
  • Business process control & workflow improvement
  • Information security and compliance
  • Reduce everyday operating costs

Using RICOH Streamline NX

  • No need to switch between applications – perform any of the user functions within one integrated interface at the MFP
  • Scan and route documents in a variety of formats to email addresses, fax server, network folders, home folders, FTP, line of business systems and other destinations
  • Users can safely send documents to MFDs where the are securely held until released by the authorized user – protecting information confidentiality
  • IT administrators can perform comprehensive device monitoring, batch configuration, remote fleet management & firmware upgrades
  • Administrators can configure settings to enforce policies, manage quotas, establish charge-backs, and generate reports

Implementing this Solution

  • 64bit native support for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Virtual server support
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Multi-domain support
  • Authentication by Card, Network log-in and Pin authentication support

Complementary Products

  • Optional integration with RightFax Server (requires plug-in)
  • Optional integration with Sharepoint (requires plug-in)
  • Optional linear and 2D barcode support (requires plug-in)
  • Optional Hotfolder (requires plug-in)
  • Optional Zonal OCR (requires plug-in)
  • Scan-to-print (requires plug-in FREE)
  • Image Clean-up (requires plug-in FREE)