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Celiveo Enterprise

Comprehensive enterprise-class document output and fleet management

Celiveo Enterprise provides secure pull printing, authentication, embedded document tracking, rules-based printing, quota management, and web reporting features in a convenient all-in-one package.

It sets a new standard in terms of print fleet management, giving you a robust and scalable solution. The innovative ZeroServer technology is able to deliver secure pull printing without print servers and authentication gateways—dramatically reducing print server-related costs, which can be up to ten times more than printing itself.

Celiveo Enterprise adds its intelligence to supported Ricoh devices through an external Celiveo Smart Appliance.

Robust and flexible

With a veritable laundry list features, Celiveo Enterprise sets a new standard in terms of enterprise-level print fleet management. A fully secure pull print service with no application server and fewer or no print servers, allows you save up to ten times your print fleet TCO.

You can also bring costs under further control by monitoring all usage with detailed web-based reports and set usage quotas.

Users can authenticate with a PIN code or card, giving access to authorised functions that work even if the MFP is accidentally disconnected from the network or can't reach network resources.



  1. Flexible configuration
    Choose full ZeroServer, server-based pull printing, or a combination of both depending on your needs
  2. Secure printing
    Documents will not print unless the document owner authenticates and releases them from the printer
  3. Easy authentication
    Supports a range of authentication options such as PIN codes or smart cards
  4. Complete tracking
    Usage tracking and advanced web portal provide accurate and detailed usage reports with chargeback
  5. High availability
    High availability authentication, pull printing, and tracking to cope with access failure to network resources