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Open Bee™ Portal

Optimise your document management and collaborate in a simple and secure way

With centralisation of information, simple and fast access, secure sharing, and more, Open Bee Portal enables you to efficiently organise filing, searching, and sharing of all types of files with your colleagues and business partners.

Open Bee Portal provides a secure digital platform where you can free yourself from the constraints of working with paper, thus achieving greater productivity, collaboration efficiency, and cost savings. Your digital files are stored in single place in a structured way and in full compliance with industry security standards. 

You can also easily share your information and collaborate on documents in real-time by creating secure private work spaces with people inside and outside your organisation.

Optimise resources, reduce costs

Implement a comprehensive archiving policy for files related to your clients, employees, suppliers, and other business partners. Secure management of your files with passwords and encryption ensure their utmost confidentiality is upheld.

Find any document you need within seconds thanks to an integrated search engine and share them securely with internal colleagues and external partners when needed.



  1. Centralise your storage
    Consolidate all your information in a single location to optimise resources and reduce document management related costs
  2. Access information in a snap
    Find any document in a matter of seconds using the integrated search engine, regardless of your location or device
  3. Collaborate easily
    Create personal digital work spaces to share documents and collaborate effectively
  4. Enhanced security
    Keep your data confidential with industry strength encryption, authentication, and file-sharing permissions