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RICOH Cumo-nect EZ Plus

Simplify document editing and creation on the MFP 

RICOH Cumo-nect EZ Plus allows you to reimagine the creation and post-processing workflow of your day-to-day documents by putting all the tools you need in one convenient place—on your Ricoh MFP.

Available on a subscription basis via RICOH Smart Integration, the solution comprises two apps with different sets of tools that help you simplify document creation and editing.

EZ Doc contains tools that enable you to make quick and easy on-the-fly edits, such as masking sensitive information and adding annotations, to any document.

EZ Creative helps you to easily and quickly create a variety of print materials such as letters, cards, calendars, and envelopes.

RICOH Cumo-nect EZ Plus is available for Ricoh devices with the second generation Smart Operation Panel or higher.

Consistent user interface and experience

Simplify time-consuming document editing and creation tasks with all the tools consolidated in one convenient place and a single common user interface.

This provides a consistent user experience across the multiple tools and functionalities, and allows tasks to be completed more easily and quickly.

  1. No PC required
    Increase efficiency and save time by making edits and creating new materials directly on the MFP 
  2. All in one place 
    Switch functionality within the app itself without going back and forth to the desktop
  3. Easy to use
    Common user interface across the apps provide a consistent user experience
  4. Reduce paper use
    Combine hardcopy documents together with existing electronic files
  5. Future-proof
    Continuous development of new features and collaboration with other RICOH Smart Integration solutions 
  6. Lower cost
    Subscription-based model and self-installation lowers overall acquisition cost