How to tranform your bathroom into a Spa

A good bathroom can become a serene haven in your home, perfect for relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating. Whether you are doing a major interiors overhaul or just looking to add some uplifting touches, three designers share their tips for creating a dreamy bathroom setting

Consider the bathroom your home’s oasis

“A bathroom should be a sanctuary where you can unwind from the excitement of the day, designed with the ultimate purpose of refreshing and recharging,” says interior designer Tara Bernerd, who has an international portfolio of hotels, home and yachts. Keep clutter to a minimum and the aesthetic calm and relaxing. For a statement centerpiece, “a grandiose tub is always the perfect anchor”.

Make the space work for you

“It’s ideal when there is space for a free-standing bathtub and a generous walk-in shower – rather than having to pick one or the other,” says Keren Richter of White Arrow design studio. But even when space is limited, there are other ways to achieve that luxe-spa atmosphere. “We often design steam showers, and hidden niches that give the minimalistic ‘spa-like’ feel, like giant rain showerheads, radiant heating, and thermostatic controls for a luxurious environment.”


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