Benefits & Responsibilities of the APAC Central team

Action Responsibility
Ongoing maintenance and upkeep OpCo Central team
Responsibility for all microsites or landing pages separate to the main external facing Sitecore CMS website
Responsibility for all externally hosted iframes or CRM forms hosted on Sitecore CMS websites
Provide governance and responsibility for overall visual design and layout on the external Sitecore websites
To both understand and implement the Ricoh Global Brand Guidelines across the external Sitecore websites
Ensure that all external Sitecore websites are complaint to the latest web accessiblity guidelines at WCAG
Availability to investigate and problem solve all technical issues raised by OpCos, raising tickets to our vendor if / when needed
Creation and project management of Jira tickets with our vendor for the continual improvement of the APAC external Sitecore websites
Testing and release responsibility for all vendor Jira tickets in regards to website enhancements or bug fixing
Work closely with the Knowledge team to ensure a smooth technical implementation from the SSOPT to the external websites
Provide guidance on web analytics (if required) as well as Goal tracking, Campaign tracking and Sitecore analytics for marketing teams
OpCo to access their own Google Analytics platform for basic website analytics (Central team can assist if required)
Website enhancement and future planning
Help to plan APAC English language SEO strategies with Pure SEO agency, and roll out sucessful enhancements to the region
Use of local agencies to help plan local language SEO strategies
Explore continual improvements in regards to the User Experience of the websites, keeping abreast of the latest trends and modern web best practices
Continual discussion with all OpCo's as to what is currently working and what is not working on the websites
Work with the APAC Digital Marketing team to workshop, plan and install regional website Personas and Personalisation
Work with OpCo stakesholders to launch Goal tracking and Engagement value tracking throughout regional websites
Work with OpCo's to introduce Multivariate tracking on campaigns and landing pages to optimise website User Experience
Provide ongoing training to OpCo's who require a CMS Author to build their own template-based designs and maintain their own site to an extent
Leverage successful work created in RNZ / RAP and roll these Campaigns and changes out regionally
Work closely with the Central team to plan upgrades and enhancements to all aspects of the website including Design, SEO and technical enhancements
Content preparation and build
Understand copy and image preparation optimised for digital platforms on the website
Plan and create website-ready content; Insights and News articles, Products content and Support sections
Provide guidance for OpCo's in terms of layout design, CMS technical abilities and website look and feel
When required, attend meetings with OpCo stakeholders during the discovery phase for Campaign planning to advise, design and provide intelligence
Organise initial Content Creation for campaigns and landing pages on the website, whether internally or through an agency before briefing the Central Team
Ability to assist the OpCo with layout and wireframing, and occasionally can help with image preparation if necessary (but OpCo should not rely on this)
Use professional copywriters or in-house staff to proof written content to check for both digital optimisation and inconsistencies / errors
Use professional graphic designers to prepare complex imagery including iconography, infographics or campaign branding
Provide technical guidance for OpCo's in terms of how to build and plan website materials and content with modern best practices
Provide all final copy and imagery to spec and wireframes in a brief to the Central team through the Customer Service Portal
Cover the cost of any extra development work which may be required from the brief
Carefully consider whether any extra development costs should be incurred by the OpCo or submitted to RA
Build all website content for OpCos who are not using a CMS author for all sections on the main external Sitecore websites
Complete campaign projects within 3-10 working day period, depending on complexity of the project (briefs which require extra development work may take longer)