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RICOH Ri 3000

Industrial Printing

Professional Apparel Printing in 3 Easy Steps

Discover the shortest route from design to print with the new RICOH Ri 3000 printer. Our new generation of direct to garment printers deliver high quality prints directly onto garments. When your job calls for hundreds of full colour prints or a custom one-off, your entire apparel printing process is now three simple steps: Design, Print, Cure.

  • New
  • Print

With the comprehensive Direct to Garment Solution, you can reach more customers, expand your apparel print selection for bigger profits, increase productivity and lower printing costs. This printer is high-volume and durable, providing capabilities for customized prints in few steps.

  • Print directly from a USB flash drive or any network PC
  • Print full-colour 12"" x 10"" graphics on light garments in 51 seconds
  • Closed-loop ink circulation system for white ink
  • 4th-generation industrial-grade print head rated at 100 billion actuations
  • Auto table height adjustment enabling quick switch from thin to thick garments