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Reformat and print complex AFP documents without changing applications

When you use our print formatting and document composition software, you don’t need to change your applications to reformat documents intended for printing on Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) and Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) printers.

The RICOH InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA) software simplifies changes to complex documents by allowing you to reformat simple EBCDIC or ASCII line data, as well as other types of information. With the ability to convert XML and to support barcodes, the software further strengthens your information management capabilities.

Change layouts without the hassle

Complex documents such as utility invoices, financial statements, and manufacturing bills of material evolve as government regulations and business requirements change. But reformatting them probably means ‘stopping the presses’ and asking programmers to change the source code. That can be time-consuming and expensive.

RICOH InfoPrint PPFA lets you simplify the formatting and printing of these complex documents, improving productivity and lowering total cost of print.


  1. Easy to use  
    Simplify the formatting and printing of complex documents such as invoices, statements, and bills of material
  2. Increase efficiency  
    Dynamically change the layout and imposition of documents while supporting diverse finishing options
  3. Added flexibility  
    Gain more printing and communication flexibility with support for barcodes
  4. Always up to date  
    The software is updated frequently to keep up with evolving AFP standards