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RICOH @Remote

Gain total control and manage your devices

Wouldn’t you like to know how all your networked printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) were being utilised? With the RICOH @Remote management system, you can do that and more. 

Track device usage with pinpoint accuracy, see which devices are overused or underutilised, and identify opportunities to reduce supply costs—all of which enable optimised fleet management and reduced running costs.

RICOH @Remote collects usage data from all your networked devices and then automatically transmits this information using secure communication capabilities directly to our datacentre. The data is then processed to generate reports that can assist you in creating the best device usage policy for your business. 

Track your device usage

Centralise your printer fleet management and automatically get the critical information you need—including usage, service and supply needs, meter reads, power consumption and more. 

RICOH @Remote also helps you control printing costs, expedite repairs, encourage environmentally friendly behaviours, and help you reconfigure your MFPs more efficiently.


  1. Manage your fleet more effectively
    Review detailed usage information of network printers and MFPs to enable optimised fleet management
  2. Save the hassle of manual meter reading
    Eliminates the need for manual meter reading by automatically providing accurate information from fleet without user intervention
  3. Powerful, enterprise-class solution  
    Make informed decisions via detailed device reporting and versatile management tools
  4. Web-based control, anywhere 
    Easy access to device metrics, including meter readings and device activity reports such as print volumes and usage