Mass Production of PGUs that Apply Projection Technology to Automotive Fields

13 Oct 2021

RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc. (President: Hiroshi Takemoto) has realized mass production of PGUs*1, which are key components of vehicle HUDs (Head-Up Displays) as an application of projection technology to other fields. This PGU was jointly developed with Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Koichi Sato).


PGU for vehicle HUD
Development background

RICOH Industrial Solutions has provided many projection lenses globally and have introduced new technology such as Ultra-Short-Throw Projection combining freeform mirrors and projection lenses. The development of this PGU has realized the high reliability required of the automotive industry through expanding the use of product design and production technology for vehicle stereo cameras that RICOH Industrial Solutions is already mass producing to projection technology we have cultivated over the years.

Product features

This PGU is used as a key component for the DMD*2 AR*3 HUD shipped by Nippon Seiki. Compared to the conventional TFT method*4, this HUD using DMD technology is advantageous for AR display because the displayed image can be projected onto large screens. The main feature of the AR HUD using this PGU is that various information is displayed about 10m ahead of the driver’s point of view at about 77-inch size overlaid on the driver’s view. In addition, by expanding our original projection technology to the PGU, it offers wider angles together with screen brightness and contrast in a compact size.

Contributions to SDGs

The development of this PGU is based on the promotion of two SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): #3 Good Health and Well-being, and #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. It aims to contribute to the improvement of safety for drivers and the surrounding environment with its wider angle view, screen brightness and contrast.

RICOH Industrial Solutions will continue to work in the HMI*5 environment of the automotive field, contributing to the realization of a safe and secure society by providing AR HUDs that can reduce the cognitive burden on drivers. 


*1 PGU (Picture Generation Unit): Image generation unit inside the HUD
*2 DMD: Technology in which an LED light enters a DMD (Digital Micro mirror Device), and an image drawn by turning the DMD on or off
*3 AR (Augmented Reality)
*4 TFT method: A method for drawing an image by transmitting the LED backlight to the LCD panel
*5 HMI (Human Machine Interface): A means for humans and machines to exchange information, and the equipment and software for doing so