01 Feb 2024

TOKYO, February 1, 2024 – Ricoh Company, Ltd. today opened the revamped RICOH BUSINESS INNOVATION LOUNGE TOKYO (RICOH BIL TOKYO). This facility is dedicated to fostering collaborative value creation, focusing on accelerating our customers' digital transformation journeys leveraging Ricoh's proprietary cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology which features natural language processing and spatial recognition capabilities. The updated space is designed to deeply engage with customer challenges and collaboratively develop new business ventures. Ricoh facilitates this through interactive dialogues and workshops at RICOH BIL TOKYO, where customer executives and our digital experts work together from conception to execution of AI-driven value scenarios and business design.

In Japan, the anticipated decline in the working population poses significant social challenges, spurring numerous companies to seek enhanced productivity and innovative, value-added work methods. While leveraging AI and embracing digital transformation are crucial in addressing these challenges, they also present unique opportunities for companies to create new value. However, the practical implementation of these technologies comes with its own set of hurdles that need to be navigated.

At RICOH BIL TOKYO, Ricoh will co-create flagship value-providing cases with customers by combining more than 100 customer value scenarios in various industries curated through our global sales and service network with our proprietary AI technologies known for their advanced natural language processing and spatial recognition. In addition to proposing solutions and use cases for the customer's apparent issues, onsite digital experts such as business designers and digital transformation coordinators use design thinking in consultation and workshops to help unearth and visualize even latent issues. Examples of value scenarios include the co-creation of customer-specific solutions such as image recognition AI technology for autonomous facility management in the construction industry, and sales workflow improvement using the cloud-based business improvement platform “RICOH kintone plus” and “AI for Work” service for data analysis using natural language processing AI.

RICOH BIL TOKYO is designed to stimulate new insights and focus on the issues. In the Climbers Lounge, a place for engaging with customers, we use visuals, lighting, sound, and fragrance to foster a balance of tension and relaxation, sparking more vibrant discussions. In RICOH PRISM, a next-generation conference space that draws out people's creativity through digital technology, a variety of scenography enhances customers' imagination and draws out their creativity.

Transforming into a digital services company, Ricoh is dedicated in creating value with customers globally and locally, emphasizing work that inspires customer to be creative and foster their fulfillment through work. We're focusing on two digital service areas: Business Process Automation that helps customers improve productivity by digitizing their business processes and Communication Services that supports customers strengthen their creativity by designing meeting rooms and building hybrid work environments. Our global digital services is accelerating value co-creation with customers by utilizing Ricoh Smart Integration platform and the latest AI technology.

As a digital services company, Ricoh is committed to creating new value that brings fulfillment through work by helping customers improve their productivity and operational efficiency, and beyond that, helping them unleash their creativity.

Facility Overview

Facility name

Shinagawa Season Terrace 18th floor (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Facility area
approx. 1,000m²

Opening date
February 1, 2024

Web page (Japanese)

*RICOH BIL TOKYO is an invitation-only facility.